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Dear Racer,

I just got off the phone with Don and he told me to write an intro letter for the EZ Sponsorship page, so here I am.

Here is some info about me. I work for a Winston Cup team as a marketing and public relations consultant. In plain english, my job is to get money and keep the people who have given us money, happy enough to give us money next year.

Don and Beverly approached me about two years ago about putting some information together on how-to get sponsorship. It took a year and a half of talking to finally make it happen, but here it is. We put together Beverly's marketing talent, Don's internet experience and my sponsorship knowledge to come up with one complete package to help the local racers. Below is a sample of the information included in this package.

Getting ready for the search

  • What to do before you even begin your search.
  • Tricks to make your team look more professional.
  • How to get others to help you.
  • How to adjust your personality to become more attractive to sponsors.

How to find sponsors

  • The best place to find sponsors. (This one thing is worth of the price of the package)
  • How to use technology to automate your search.
  • How to get them to search for you.
  • Sponsor prospecting like a pro.

How to make the first contact

  • What is by far the best way to make an initial contact.
  • Phone techniques that will reduce your stage fright.
  • What is the best way to introduce yourself.
  • Sample opening dialogue.

Making your offer

  • How to make an offer that they would be impossible to refuse.
  • The 5 most important things to offer.
  • What to never to offer.
  • How to help a sponsor drive sales.
  • USP unique selling proposition and how to use it.

Marketing and PR

  • How to market your team like a pro.
  • How to make contact with the media.
  • PR like the fortune 500

Closing the deal

  • When is the best time to try to close.
  • How to not let the deal slip away.
  • The no-close, close.
  • The best way I have found to close a deal.

Keeping your sponsors

  • The 8 best things to give your sponsors.
  • How to get the media to help you.
  • How to prove that your helping a sponsor.
  • The best way I know to keep them happy.

What now

  • What to do right after you close the deal.
  • How to improve your future searches
  • Turn your team into a marketing machine.
  • Learn how to help businesses make sales.

 Package Contents:
EZ Sponsorship Book Racing Sponsors and sponsorship
Every racer could use more or better sponsors.
This book not only shows you how-to get sponsors,
but how to keep them.

Audio Cassette Racing Sponsors
" Get and keep sponsors " audio cassette. Read by
marketing expert Beverly Frye this tape is jam packed
full of useful tips and little known secrets.

Templates Racing Sponsors and sponsorship
* Sample agreement
* Sample contract
* Sample newsletter
* Sample e-mail newsletter
* Media contact form
* Sponsor contact form
* Sponsor profile form

Package Price: $ 95

For a
limited time receive the following free bonuses
Free Bonus #1
Free Web Page sponsorship

The going rate for a web page these days is about $239 per year plus setup charges which could be another $100. That is a $339 value that we include in the EZ Sponsorship Package. This alone makes our package worth it.

Free Bonus #2
"Secrets Winston Cup teams use to get and keep sponsors" Racing sponsorship

I've put together a list of my tips and tips of others. You won't hear some of these anywhere else. I guarantee it.

Free Bonus #3
"Sponsor Search Software"

Available for Window 95,98 and Mac os .
Track potential sponsors.
Allows you to make your own database.
Keep track of every contact you make.
You can keep notes for future reference.
Unlimited number of records can be saved.
Works for any type of racing.
Easy to use.

Free Bonus #4 sponsorship (Added on 1/31/00)
"Secret to Multiplying Sponsorship" sponsorship

This is by far the best method for gaining sponsorship I've ever used. I guarantee that this method will help you. In fact, it's almost fool proof. Just follow the method to the letter and you'll be multiplying sponsorship too.

Offer extended through Thursday, June 03, 2004
pacific time

How To Order:

1.) Online Drag racing Secure Server, Go Now!

2.) Mail or Fax

Fill out the order form to mail or fax
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Remember. . . .
Order before midnight pacific time on Thursday, June 03, 2004 to receive bonuses

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One of our nice post office ladies
mailing a group of our packages.

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