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Hidden Head Porting (NHRA/IHRA Class Racing)
This record holding engine builder walks you; step by step through the fine art of hidden head porting. This ebook is perfect for circle track or drag racing, (where rules state no porting). Tips on reworking aluminum and cast iron.More

Psyched Out ! (Drag Racing)
Tami Eggleston, Ph.D. has put together this first of its kind package on the mental part of drag racing. Part self-help, part relaxation, part imagery and part zen. This info is a must read. You'll have a new understanding of what's keeping you from more wins.More

Eye Training for Drag Racers (Drag Racing)
[video] This ground breaking video covers a subject that drag racers never think about, their eyes. Find out what the world's greatest athletes know that racers don't.More

Engine Secrets (All Racing)
3 time pole winning Winston Cup engine builder tells all. This is the most talked about racing book on the web. With unlimited phone support, the choice on getting this package is a no-brainer.More

Spark Plug Inspection Light (All Racing)
These top quality spark plug inspection lights are a must-have for any serious racer.More

Carburetor Porting (All Racing)
Step by step instructions on how to port your own Holley carburetor. Find out what the big companies don't want you to know. Save big money by doing it yourself.More

EZ Sponsorship (All Racing)
One of Nascars top money getters along with has put together the most complete sponsorship search packages on the market. Learn how to get new sponsors and multiply your current ones with ease.More

Head Games - '03 Drag Seminar
Can't be at one of Tami's seminars? Well here's your chance. Recorded during the 2003 Drag Expo, this CD is perfect for the drag racer trying to take his driving to the next level.Read More

Sponsor Hunt Software (All Racing)
Are you serious about securing additional funding for your race team? Well, then stop putting a half-assed effort into your sponsor search. Find out what the pros know that most racers don't.More

The Sponsorship Coach (All Racing)
Phil doesn't just race for free, he actually makes money racing. Learn how to race for free and build a multi car team. This 3.5 hr interview is a must have.More Info

Nascar Jobs (Nascar)
I may be a Drag Racer at heart, but when it came to finding a job in racing, there was no choice -- the money is in Nascar so that's where I went. If you've watched Sunday racing and thought "
I can do that" well here's your chance.More

Art of Cheating (All Racing)
First off I want to say that I don’t like blatant cheating, but when your competitors are getting away with murder you've got to do something. I'll show you what I've learned from years of experience with both the NASCAR and NHRA tech inspection process.More
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Racing for a Living, Milt Gedo

The Sponsorship Coach, Phil Veldheer

Desire, Flow and Concentration, Tami Eggleston

Using the Media to Get Sponsors, Steve Post

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